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Custom Web Applications

We create custom applications tailored to the client’s specific business requirements.

Using up-to-date technologies and latest industry trends we deliver technically complex and yet easy-to-use solutions with the optimal cost/performance ratio.

Our qualified individuals on staff can address all your application needs. We also have established affiliations with technical experts in a wide variety of areas so that we can assemble the best possible team to meet the needs of your web application project.


Recent Launches

The Macao Water e-Card System is a web-based e-Card system. It will be an easy accessed and maintained online system. It will allow Macao Water staff to send out e-cards in a fast and convenience way.

Features of this program include:

- Keep a master list of all e-cards sent out.
- Allow an unlimited number of e-cards to be sent out by Macao Water staff.
- Allow administrator to keep track of all sent e-card records.
- Have a confirmation of e-cards sent out (by email).
- Have a backend administration interface to manage e-cards.
- Supports bulk e-card sending with failure report and confirmation.


The Macao Water Blog System is a web-based blogging system for internal staff to share opinions, and ideas within the community. It will be an easy accessed and maintained online system.

Features of this program include:

- Detailed Update Records
- Blogs content is sorted by year/month and category
- Blog content editing is supported by Rich Text Editor
- Comment/reply via email
- RSS Subscription
- Supports Embbeded Video
- Build-in Search Engine Features